Bridging the Gap to Universities

Last year, several thousand SMEs partnered with UK universities.

Yet for many other new and growing businesses, universities remain an untapped resource.

Smarter is a new initiative to help bridge the gap.

So universities put more of their ideas to practical use.

And your business can collaborate with them, innovate and grow.

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Why Smarter?

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We know that running an SME takes time. So we do the networking with universities on your behalf. No complex search tools. No trawling university websites looking for contacts. No nugatory calls to academics who may not want to know.
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Once we understand your requirement, we invite universities to bid for the chance to work with you. Smarter works like a tendering process. The universities compete for your business. And you pay Smarter nothing.
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We work with the universities’ own intermediaries, the people who know their own academics, their specialisms and personalities. It means you get the right match for your business. 
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We help bridge the gulf in language and culture that can exist between business and academics. We don't expect you to use academic jargon or know how universities work.